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Women in Games: Violent Contradictions

I would like to see more violence against women in video games. Now I’ve got that controversial statement out of the way let me try and explain why. I’ll apologise now for anyone who finds the title (or any of

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PHP – Shorthand If…Else Statements

Do you use a lot of if else statements? Do you ever wish there was a quicker way of using them without taking up several lines of code? Well, there is and I’m using today’s tutorial to explain how to

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Hunting for Achievements

This week’s blog post is about a topic that means a lot to a large number of gamers (even if they don’t quite realize it). I will be talking about achievements (or trophies) and why we find them so irresistible.

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CodeIgniter: Database Migrations Tutorial

All of my blog posts up to this point have been used to introduce myself and what I have done up-to now. This blog post is the first that is purely aimed at PHP development. I first started with CodeIginiter

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My Short Term Plans

So far in this series of blog posts I have explained who I am and what I have been doing since I entered the web development industry. I started by introducing myself, this was shortly followed by my post about

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