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Looking for a Job in the Gaming Industry

In the process of searching for a PHP Website Development role within the Games Industry, I’ve managed to create a detailed list of gaming companies who are looking for people in all sorts of positions, including designers, game developers, community

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Recent Projects – OnSiteForm & AuditForm

I’ve been rather busy recently which means it’s been just over a month since my last blog post. I promise to keep it more regular than that from now on. In my first couple of blog posts I mentioned that

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PHP – Shorthand If…Else Statements

Do you use a lot of if else statements? Do you ever wish there was a quicker way of using them without taking up several lines of code? Well, there is and I’m using today’s tutorial to explain how to

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CodeIgniter: Database Migrations Tutorial

All of my blog posts up to this point have been used to introduce myself and what I have done up-to now. This blog post is the first that is purely aimed at PHP development. I first started with CodeIginiter

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My Short Term Plans

So far in this series of blog posts I have explained who I am and what I have been doing since I entered the web development industry. I started by introducing myself, this was shortly followed by my post about

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